Witness Transformation

See how Red Leader's signal processing engine can turn a low-cost 16-channel lidar into a performance powerhouse rivaling systems that cost 10x more. By processing raw data captures and full waveforms, we extract 90% more useful data that others throw out, without adding additional hardware costs.

Without Red Leader

With Red Leader

We start with seamless integration of high-speed data converters, capable of handling up to 60Gbps of incoming data. Using the full waveform of information, we can extract information about weather, motion, and scene contexts. The data flows through our ultra-efficient processing core that includes custom filters and user-configurable datatypes, and the result is higher resolution, increased range, higher accuracy data all while meeting low-latency requirements for safety-critical applications.

Empowering Innovation

Our novel mathematics and patented architecture design power the core of Red Leader's sensing technology. We give 3D sensors superpowers: optimized performance, remarkable flexibility, and dynamic responsiveness, all while enabling unparalleled data access and minimizing costs.


Advanced signal processing IP purpose-built to efficiently process and filter high-bandwidth 3D data

Key Features
  • Real-time Point Cloud Processing
  • Advanced Filtering and Noise Reduction
  • Dynamic, Adaptive Algorithms


Seamlessly integrated ADC/DAC, signal processing, and peripherals for high-speed, energy-efficient performance.

Key Features
  • High-Speed Data Converters
  • Seamless Integration
  • Scalable and Flexible Interfaces


Fully customizable end-to-end design built on our proprietary architecture that makes it easy to scale fast.

Key Features
  • HD-Resolution 3D Sensing
  • Scalable, Custom Configurations
  • Robust, Ruggedized Design

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Discover how Red Leader's industry-leading signal processing solutions can enable you to capture richer data and gain a competitive edge. Leverage the full potential of accurate, flexible, and reliable 3D sensing to uncover new frontiers of growth and innovation.

Beyond The Tech

We started Red Leader with the goal of not only revolutionizing 3D sensing, but also redefining what a deeply technical company looks and feels like. We work hard, but not at the expense of our well-being. We push for excellence, but have grace when things go wrong. We support and encourage each other, appreciating the diverse backgrounds, expertise, and experiences everyone brings to the table. It takes great people to build a great company, and we're fortunate to work with some of the best.

Jake Hillard & Rebecca Wong