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Built on Breakthroughs

We literally invented a new mathematics that powers the core of Red Leader's sensing technology. Our patented architecture design enables the most flexibility of any 3D sensor and provides unparalleled data access at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional sensors.

Ultra HD, 3D Data

Up to 30 million points / second, every frame, over your entire field of view, always. See even the smallest details without sacrificing any part of your scan pattern.

Software Configurable

Reconfigure on the fly to adapt range, resolution, and accuracy based on what you need, when you need it. Use pre-defined modes or create your own.

Cost Efficiency

Our high-speed parallelism means you get more channels, more data, more features, per dollar than anywhere else. Lower hardware costs without sacrificing performance.

Customizable Data Types

Get access to low-level data waveforms to enhance ML predictions. Define custom filters based on your data and models, not somebody else's.

Built for Every Industry

Ship with Confidence

Close the gap between prototype and production faster. Red Leader’s sensing software reduces hardware complexity so you can spend less time at the design table and more time deployed out in the world.

Flexible Architecture

Bring your own design, vendors, and parts or select from Red Leader’s design references and network of preferred partners. Flexible design modularity means you can keep your supply chain humming along seamlessly.

Designed for Scale

Rapidly scale across multiple sites and use cases with software reconfigurability. Dial in the right design for your needs with ease, knowing it will grow with you.

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With Red Leader, you can get access to the richest 3D sensor data for all your applications. No more expensive hardware overhead or esoteric supply chain headaches. Just the high quality, high resolution data you need.

Red Leader’s mission is to make 3D vision accessible to anyone, anything, anywhere.

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Jake Hillard

Co-Founder & CEO