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We reinvented lidar from the ground up to enable the world's highest resolution 3D sensor for the price of an iPhone.
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Our Thesis
The future of autonomous sensing isn't about better mirrors or lasers.

It's all about software.

Why Software-Defined?

Lidar resolution hasn't improved in 20 years. In fact, modern lidar processing looks more like radar from the 1920's. And while others only see mechanics and optics problems, we see what they're missing.

We've spent the past two years building the world's highest resolution lidar that doesn't compromise on performance, cost, or manufacturability.

3 vs 300 points on a pedestrian 200 meters away?
That's the Red Leader difference.

256 beams @
200 m range
30 million points per second
Dynamic control in software

Meet the Team

Our years of Stanford research in optical communications and signals optimization give us a unique lens to look at the problems in lidar ranging. We're a laser-focused(!) team building better hardware through software, while committing to a people-first company.

❤️ Put People First

We care for our employees, investors, partners, and neighbors as fellow humans above all else.

🥇 Pursue Excellence

We are committed problem-solvers focused on maximizing results per dollar and time.

🌱 Invest in Growth

We look for opportunities to accelerate growth and learning both as individuals and as a team.

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